About Molinis

"We believe a woman can never have too many shoes!"


Molinis are here to fulfil your shoe addiction needs, because we understand the love we women have for shoes and the need to walk comfortable (and therefore more confident) in high heels.


Molinis make you look unique everyday, which gives that awesome feeling of just having bought that new outfit or new pair of shoes. Don't you just love that feeling!


So designer and founder Esther Megens invented a way to easily transform your shoes, so you create a whole new pair. Like magic.


We help each other out

The only mission Esther has, since back in 2007 when the idea popped into her mind, is to make it possible for every woman to own as much shoes as she would want to have, without having to empty her bank account.


☆ ☆ We women want it all ☆ . We want to look unique every day, but we also want to travel more and have more quality time and even provide for the people we love. If you have all the money in the world, you can buy all the shoes. But if you work with a budget, like 95% of all women, you have to play it smart when you are a bit of a shoe addict.


That's where we come in. With Molinis you are on our side, together with all the smart women.
Smart women with ambitious busy lives who are always on the go to fulfil their dreams or to be there for the ones who need them.


Sustainable peeps

By wearing Molinis, you add sustainable value to the planet. You don't have to throw your shoes away (who might became boring at some point). Just style 'm up and get that awesome feeling of having a new pair of shoes. If you love timeless quality shoes who last more than one season, and you don't really like the plastic cheap stuff like we do, you're at the right place. Just change your quality shoes over and over again and at the same time add value to the planet in an easy and fun way.


The Molinis are made out of (vegan) leather and are made by hand and with care in Portugal. When you slide or wrap them over your shoes, the Molinis become one with your shoes.


Try them for yourself and automatically join the smart shoe addicts community. You are not alone, we have you covered.


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With shoe love,


The Molinis 


Available online and in selected fashion- and shoe stores.


Molinis is an internationally patented and registrered product and is allied at Dutch Law Firm



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